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2020 Trading conference

    This is the second time for SUK TEAM to participate in major trading conference, not just to discuss ‘what’s new’, but also to study ‘why change quickly’ and take some new measures on act ‘how to develop’.


    We always pay attention on the dynamics of global economy and markets.

    During the COVID-19 period, China has exported some PPE materials more than 200 countries and regions. At present, export business has been steadily restored, and the supply chain is also relatively stable and developing steadily.
    But still, it is not optimistic that the epidemic is still spreading globally. There are some restrictions on doing business internationally. Most of exhibitions are cancelled in 2020. Although the situation of overseas cooperation is bright, we are still facing some uncertain factors. In terms of current state, China will take the next new step to vigorously support the innovation and development of trading. Therefore, it’s necessary to maintain international logistics and supply chain run steadily. We are ready to welcome the new upsurge.

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