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One of the best musical instrument for beginners

    17 Keys Unicorn Kalimba Mahogany Hand-rest

    Recently, a small and cute musical instrument is very popular, and it is rarely seen by everyone, that is the Kalimba. In order to let more people know and like this instrument, let me introduce it today.

    1. What is Kalimba instrument?

    The kalimba, also known as the thumb piano, is a plucked musical instrument that produces beautiful sounds. It has deep roots in sub-Saharan Africa and is highly regarded for its ethnic charm. The kalimba is portable and easy to play, emitting an ethereal and clear timbre akin to a music box. Its enchanting sounds have gained popularity beyond its place of origin, captivating audiences worldwide.

    17 Keys Unicorn Kalimba Mahogany Hand-rest

    17 Keys Unicorn Kalimba Mahogany Hand-rest

    2. The Origin of Kalimba

    The kalimba has a rich history originating in Africa over 3,000 years ago. In its early days in West Africa, it was crafted from bamboo or wood. This authentic African instrument differs from the modern 17-key thumb pianos we see today. Hugh Tracey played a pivotal role in introducing the kalimba to the world, facilitating its globalization. In African culture, this instrument is believed to possess the power to ward off evil spirits and even summon rain, making it highly cherished and widely used across the continent.

    17 Keys thumb piano Santa Christmas Mahogany

    17 Keys Thumb Piano Santa Christmas Mahogany

    3. Structure of Thumb Piano

    The composition of Kalimba is very simple. It is made by fixing metal sheet “strings” of different lengths on the wooden “resonance box”. Adjusting the length of the metal piece can adjust the tone of the instrument. It has many different shapes and the number of steel pieces is also different.

    17 Keys with Kalimba song! Check Sound Sample!

    17 Keys Thumb piano Crane Goose Mahogany Hand-rest

    4. The usage scenarios of Kalimba

    The kalimba is primarily used for accompaniment, held with both hands while playing with two thumbs. Pressing and releasing the thumb on the steel plates creates mechanical waves and sound. Some kalimbas feature objects like shells or bottle caps for additional sound effects. Tilting or shaking the thumb piano on a table produces swirling or echoing effects, enriching the playing experience. It is commonly used for singing or storytelling in gatherings and as a pastime during long journeys. The kalimba, also known as Mbira, has a unique and cold, water-like sound reminiscent of a music box.

    Such a small and exquisite musical instrument is also very easy to learn. Just use two flexible thumbs to play beautiful notes.

    Kalimba 17-21 Key Acrylic Van Gogh

    Kalimba 17-21 Key Acrylic Van Gogh

    Lastly, I hope that you found this informative. And this information could empower you to buy something that you think it deserve, and find a reliable supplier.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment down below. We would get back to you ASAP. For quick answer, please write to: (Bertha Wong)

    Thanks for reading and keep up the great work!

    From SUK MUSIC Team

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