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What is the purpose of tuning?

Guitar tuning does not end after you tuned all the strings in order from the first to the sixth (or vice versa) already. Also, we have to check the sound in the reverse order. Attaching each guitar string to a machine head of its own, let’s find out more about how guitars made and tune.
Combining various kinds of wood forms an acoustic guitar. It is related to the characteristics of the wood itself and the overall structural performance of the wood. for the final sound of a guitar is good or bad has a crucial impact. It’s important for players tuning instrument in the right way.

There’s no two pieces of wood in the world:

Due to the diversity of material itself, the size, specifications are exactly the same standardization process made the guitar. Structural strength, sound performance will vary. But, in order to ensure that standardized output intensity is low in the part of the guitar not appear quality problem. The standard set by the high intensity which suppresses noise performance.
guitar tuning
Tuning is a process of getting the most out of the materials used on each instrument and teaching it to its individual needs. In this way, each piece of wood does NOT use the same thickness, height, shape and other standard dimensions. But, according to the characteristics of the material itself, we need to pursue the best solution.
For example, a panel is very hard that reduced in thickness to achieve a lighter mass while maintaining sufficient strength. This is also the importance of good materials, of course, provided that the production should not be standard.

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