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What difference between neck-thru and bolt on ?

Hey! Electric Guitar Players! Here’s a question for you all: Do you know the difference between neck through and bolt on construction?

It is basically how the neck is attached to the body of a string instrument.

Glue a Neck-thru electric guitar with the body
Here attach our neck-thru model. It is flipped around on the back, it’s easy to notice that there is obviously no bolts. It’s basically a smooth piece of wood that connects right into the body, right?





So the neck is running through the body of the instrument, and you can see it with different colored strip of wood running together.

All the way through over here where the tremolo routed now there’s a couple major advantages to a neck through guitar:

Beautiful Neck-Thru electric guitar

1. Glued wood joint is actually stronger than the fibers of the wood themselves.

In other words, the glue joint that is attaching the neck to the body, which is stronger than the wood itself on the body or the neck on their own. So you’re going to get a little bit more sustain out of it and it is going to be a little bit more of a durable instrument.

2.The amount of wood that they’ve been able to remove by this construction, which means that playing in those upper frets is extremely easy for my hand going all the way up to fret number 24, and there is no resistance that your hand is going to bump into.


Look at this picture, you’ll notice the bolt-on is just how big the joint comes all the way up the body back to connect to the neck.

Bolt-on Type of electric guitar



Now that means it’s gonna limit access all the way up to the 24th fret slightly.

If you play a song that your hand need to slide from like 14 all the way up to 24. Your hand will bump into the neck and you have to be kinda extra mindful and stretch a little farther.



So here, the reason why I recommend a bolt-on electric guitar is just that they’re cheaper. For manufacturer ourselves, we help keeps price down for you on this type of guitar.


Then, considering your budget, we have a great sort for you, like a telecaster, Strat, Les paul….

American Fender - Electric Guitar Type

Now Bolt-on guitars can still be extremely durable. If falling out of its case onto a hard floor and cracked the body, the neck would not budge at all on the guitar still plays well.

Last but not least, neck through guitar does cost more for manufacturer to make it. BUT, no matter you are a buyer or a guitarist, you would find that it’s defintely worth the money!


Thank you for reading, please write you comment down below, let’s discover more magic passion of music. If you are interested in more models of electric guitar, just hit me up to get a NEW catalogue:


Keep up the great work!

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